Laura has always worked in real estate. After completing her WACE exams at the end of 2017, Laura quickly leapt into the industry. Starting her journey as a receptionist, her work ethic and passion for the industry helped her rise through the ranks.

“I fell in love with real estate sales early on. Even though it’s the only industry I’ve worked in, it has been perfect for me.”

Prior to working at Celsius as a Sales Administrator, she was worked as a leasing agent, administrative assistant, and a receptionist for various companies. Her wide range of skills made her the perfect candidate for her current position.

“I love my job! I am very excited to learn new things and grow my career within such a professional team at Celsius.”

Laura believes that having the right attitude is imperative to succeeding in the industry. While working in real estate has its challenges, having a can-do attitude and adopting a growth mindset is how she finds passion in everything that she does.

While the duties of her role include a wide breath of daily activities, her favourite aspect of the job is perpetually learning new things about the industry and meeting new people. She also finds helping her clients extremely rewarding.

“Moving, buying or selling a home can be scary, stressful and overwhelming. It can be emotional. I want to be a point of contact that help people feel at ease and confidant about their decisions. I want to make them feel comfortable.”

She is excited about her future at Celsius and looks forward to her growing career in real estate.