Matthew Smith is an undeniable asset to the Celsius Perth Property team. As a REIWA Sales Representative and Auctioneer, along with a lifetime of sales experience, he takes his mission seriously:

“My mission is to use my knowledge and experience in property to help people move to the next chapter of life. When I help people make an informed decision, there is no need for a hard sell. They can easily make the decision for themselves says Matthew.

Prior to Celsius, Matthew spent 10 years with Pindan Developments, selling more than $200 Million of off-the-plan property in his time there, as well as 23 years with Mercedes Benz selling close to a thousand luxury vehicles. Safe to say, assisting clients to make their most important life decisions is something that drives Matthew to be the best at what he does.

Matthew’s ethos is refreshing when it comes to sales.  He believes that honesty and transparency are key ingredients for success, and trust with clients is his most important asset.

His excellent interpersonal, relationship and leadership skills set him apart from many in his field and regularly results in positive reviews and repeat clientele.

One of our favourite facts about Matthew is that his organisation skills would put Marie Kondo to shame, and his dedication to structure and systems has benefits for clients.

The more time I can be face to face with sellers and buyers, the better I can help them achieve their goals” he says.

When asked who inspires him, Matthew reflects on his very first Sales Manager. “He taught me to be honest and humble” says Matthew, ”and that you must work hard to succeed. I have taken this philosophy with me ever since”.

Working hard is something that comes naturally to Matthew. Whether training for his latest marathon or selling property, you can always be assured of his willingness to go the extra mile.