Steve is an accomplished, driven and energetic business person who has an extensive professional and personal career in business and sales.

His business career has been focused on sales, service, financial management and for the past four years, real estate and property investment. Along the way, Steve has also enjoyed success as an international sports person.

As a retail and service business proprietor for over 30 years, Steve understands that success is built around good service and sound ethics in all personal and professional dealings, whilst maintaining integrity and fairness when dealing with clients and customers.

Steve’s dedication to excellence in business and customer service has led to him being a multiple award recipient, both state and nationally, recognised for high business, sales and customer satisfaction standards. He looks forward to extending his skills accordingly to his real estate clients and customers alike.

One of Steve’s life philosophies is:

“if you want to move forward, always give yourself time to reflect”.

Wise words from a man who also has the good sense to make time to balance his golfing passion with a busy real estate career.