Jan 24, 2019 | ,

121 Bank Street, East Victoria Park – Project Update January 2019

We are pleased to report that the builder has continued to make good progress and is only a matter of days away from achieving practical completion.

The only outstanding items are installing the hot water systems and the air conditioner control panels, which will occur tomorrow.

Whilst this is occurring the painters are moving through the villas touching up any minor painting defects and as they finish each villa the cleaners are following behind them giving the villas their final clean before handover.

Two of the villas are currently being fitted out with furniture and will be turned into display suites when the sales campaign kicks off next week.

I look forward to updating you for my final update next month, but should you have any queries in the meantime, or would like to talk to one of our sales agents about securing one of the villas, please do not hesitate to contact me on (08) 6144 0700 or 0451 533 440.


Travis McKenzie