“From the moment you introduced the buyer, you have managed both my and his expectations, clearly laid out what was required, and did everything you could to ensure it all went as smoothly as possible. I really appreciated that you always did more than was expected, for example managing the bringing forward of settlement, and also making your own inspection of the property prior to the official one. I wouldn’t hesitate to use you again, nor to recommend you to other people.”

Tim Beswick

“Again Richard thanks to you and well done on the success of the Celsius Group. We hope to continue doing business with you and your group in the future.”

Andrew & Nikki

“I’d like to extend our thanks to you and your group for the outstanding service we have received over the past few months in getting our finance restructure sorted and settlement on our new investment property this week. Sean handled our finance needs very professionally; not only providing great finance advice but also assisting in keeping me sane at times I was ready to lose it. Thanks also to Donna-Lee for stepping in during Sean’s absence”.

“Thanks to Rose, firstly for her patience whilst we sorted the bank issues and then for finding us the perfect property first go… sometimes this can be just luck, however we definitely felt that Rose knew what we were after and that we weren’t interested in wasting too much more time on this matter.  I think we’ve secured a good property. Thanks to Carole for assistance during purchase and settlement.”