Selling off the plan is a specialist skill that Celsius has mastered over many years, working with large and small developers in both Perth and regional WA.  Understanding the many phases involved in planning and bringing a project to market, we are committed to working with developers from start to finish.  Alternatively, we can assist with only some aspects of a project if this is more in line with your requirements.


Marketing and branding of the development is important to differentiate your offering over competing developments within an area or demographic. Celsius offers customisable marketing services for developers to ensure you get the most out of your marketing budget.

Our project branding services are second to none, with visual branding, elevations, floor plans and copy writing being a critical step to position the project and to maximise interest and lead generation.

From years of experience, we can take what may currently be a building site and work to ‘showcase’ the end picture for buyers. Highlighting the selling points of the future development, along with the lifestyle benefits of the location, are a critical element to the marketing.


Being different to traditional real estate, the level of sales expertise required to make project sales should not be underestimated.  Excellent buyer management and communication is important to ensure buyers understand the steps involved.  As buyers are not able to physically see the end product there is a high standard of nurturing required throughout the sales process.  Buyers want to be assured and often have many questions that need to be considered and answered before proceeding.

Contract Administration

Unlike residential sales, project sales typically have buyer contracts of 100+ pages which need to incorporate various requirements or disclosures that are necessary when selling a property that has not yet been constructed or Titled.  Other factors are also present such as interest bearing accounts, variation payments and the management of buyers through the development process.

To ensure this is not a daunting experience for the buyer, and a seamless experience for the developer, Celsius manages the process strategically and proactively.


As a sales cycles may take many months or even years, a high standard of nurturing and communication must be maintained with clients throughout the process.  Buyers must be kept abreast of the many steps involved and remain engaged over what can be an extended period to ensure they are ready for settlement when the project is complete.

The Celsius Project Marketing Method

Our Project Marketing Method is tailored to meet the unique objectives and goals for a developer or landowner. Our steps include:

  1. Creating a Partnership with you
  2. Initial Design Review
  3. 3D Images, Photography & Floor Plans
  4. Marketing Plan & Project Identity
  5. Sales, Lead Tracking & Reporting
  6. Project Launch
  7. Sales Contract
  8. Strata Information
  9. Contract Administration
  10. Project Updates to Buyers
  11. Preparation for Settlement
  12. Settlement & Handover

Interested in having Celsius Property assist with the sale and marketing of your next residential project/development?

Download our Guide to Selling your Development with Celsius here.