At Celsius Property, we believe strata management should be effortless for owners.

While the core basis of strata management is to maintain and preserve the buildings and common property of a strata complex, we believe it is also very much about the community of people that occupy these properties.

This is why we have structured our entire service offering around a philosophy of harmonious strata living. To achieve this, we have identified the following key responsibilities of our Strata Managers:

  • Managing the administrative and executive tasks related to strata management
  • Assist strata complexes maintain compliance with the Act
  • Assisting to develop the strata community
  • Being a centralised point of contact for owners, the elected council, tradespeople and advisors

Our team offers their expert knowledge, timely communication and rational objectivity in all matters, and we help residents better understand the rules of their strata company and their responsibilities as residents.

We believe that proactive and effective strata management means residents can enjoy the benefits of communal living, knowing the value of their investment is protected.

Our Promise

As part of our commitment to providing the highest level of service, we have a mandate to:

  • Provide expert knowledge, skills and experience to support the needs of the strata company
  • Translate complicated systems and legislations into ‘easy to digest’ information
  • Reduce time demands on volunteer council representatives
  • Implement strata company decisions smoothly
  • Maintain comprehensive financial systems and reports
  • Source reliable and competitively priced contractors
  • Be accessible in emergency situations through our 24 hour, 7 day a week contact hotline
  • Practice diligence by implementing our highly evolved strata management systems and processes

Our Services

The three main functions of strata management delivered by our team include:


  • Manage the election of the council
  • Conduct general meetings
  • Govern and administer strata company by-laws and statutory procedures
  • Enforce house rules


  • Manage secretarial tasks
  • Coordinate maintenance
  • Financial reporting
  • Communication
  • Meet all requirements of the Strata Titles Act 1985

Executive Actions

  • Maintain strata company rolls
  • Administer quarterly levy payments and debt recovery
  • Insurance management

Proactive and timely communication is something we strongly believe in. We communicate on any matters that will affect owners, tenants or council members, and we respond quickly to any issues that may arise.

New Strata

Celsius Property is experienced in establishing new strata companies. We have been involved with the development of over 250 strata lots which included the registration of new strata schemes and this knowledge is best put to work for you in the early stages of development planning.

We can assist developers with all aspects of the proposed strata development including input and feedback regarding the by-laws of a complex, to ensure harmonious living for future residents. We can provide guidance in relation to the cost of ongoing services, maintenance and insurances so a realistic budget is put in place.

It is important that we tailor our services to suit your unique requirements. This may include the initial setup and running of the first owners meeting, right through to ongoing management of the procedural, administrative and executive functions.

After understanding your strata company needs, we can offer a tailored and highly competitive proposal.

Our fees are highly competitive whilst offering a superior level of service.  If you would like to know more, contact our Strata Management Team on 08 6144 0700 or complete our Strata Proposal Request Form.