Donna-lee is absolutely amazing and I cannot recommend her highly enough! I was a first time home buyer and although I had a deposit to put down, no bank was willing to give me a loan. However, Donna would not take no for an answer, her tenacity to not give up was incredible. She left no stone unturned and fought for me every step of the way. She could talk lenders out of some ridiculous conditions in a strong, but fair way. My case would have been a ‘too hard basket’ for most brokers, but this extraordinary lady did not for one second give up on me. Donna-lee is a highly driven and strong negotiator who fights for her clients and I would sing her praise every day of the week. Thank you so much for all your help, support, and guidance :)

          – Madison

Donna-Lee was an absolute breath of fresh air! There are a lot of numbers, figures and equations that get thrown around during the process of buying a place and Donna-Lee helped me make sense of them all with ease. From the get go, Donna-Lee gave me a number of different options and avenues to arrive at the destination of my first home and this level of guidance has continued on to this day, a month into living in my new apartment. I can’t speak highly enough of Donna-Lee and her willingness to go above and beyond to get the job done. If you’re thinking about buying a place, or even thinking about thinking about buying a place, give Donna-Lee a call and see what she can do for you.

          – Purchaser

Donna-Lee was extremely helpful and efficient. I cannot recommend her services highly enough. A real pleasure to work with.

          – Christine

Can’t thank her enough for all her assistance and support throughout the process (not only in finance but the whole process, YES! the whole process).

           – Welinda

Donna was super helpful in explaining the roller coaster ride that is purchasing a new home and was always available to talk any queries through.

– Purchaser

Thanks a lot for all your efforts, Donna-lee. You were bang on with all your tasks and especially during the last week when you were running around the entire Perth to get the settlement. It is all because of your efforts that we were able to settle within 27 days. I would highly recommend your services if any of my friends would like to purchase a new home. Really appreciate all your hard work and efforts. Cheers

– Himanshu

Donna-Lee was exceptional. Great communication and she went above and beyond. Accessible and easy to contact. She was outstanding. Highly recommended.

– Adam

From our initial meeting to property settlement Donna-Lee demonstrated her experience as an industry expert. Donne-Lee sourced a finance product I was not aware of and this has resulted in significant savings. No hesitation in recommending Donna-Lee, if you expect great communication and fantastic results give her a call.

– Blake

Donna-lee provided a wonderful service when assisting me purchase my first home. She was always available to answer questions – even the stupid ones! She made the process easy and seamless from start to finish. I could not have asked for a better broker.

– Jack

My first contact with Donna-Lee was by phone, we subsequently caught up in a face-to-face meeting. Donna-Lee was great. She explained to me in simple to understand English how the home financing industry works. She is naturally friendly and easy going so it was easy to quickly establish trust and a good working relationship. My application was not straight forward due to my personal circumstances, but due to her extensive knowledge of the lenders and their different lending criteria she was able to find me several options that I would never have found on my own.
Through the whole process I could see that Donna-Lee was attentive and focused on getting me a good result. We secured financing and I am very satisfied with how it all worked out.

– Jason

Donna-lee was truly exceptional during my journey of purchasing an apartment. Her knowledge and customer service was of high quality making the overall experience a really pleasing one. Donna-lee kept me up to date throughout the process, often assisted going above & beyond answering questions in detail. I would highly recommend Donna-lee to any of my family/friends along with anyone seeking such services and support in future. I found Donna-lee someone I could really depend on and trust during my journey, I am very thankful I had Donna-lee supporting me.

– David

Donna Lee was always available, even when most mere mortals were tucked up at home with their families. She ‘fought fiercely’ to gain us the best deal with the banks, persevering at every turn and with every new option.

– John & Heather

We have dealt with Donna-Lee for several years and the reason we keep going back is that her knowledge and service is outstanding. I particularly like her honesty and her willingness to help if you need something explained more clearly. We highly recommend Donna-Lee as a mortgage broker without any hesitation.

– Carter