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Celsius Land – September Update 2021

During the month of September, Celsius Land continued to work on a number of potential acquisitions. One of these acquisitions is now moving to a more advanced stage of negotiations. Celsius Land has also been shortlisted for a large site in regional Western Australia, with the 2nd stage submission to be submitted in October 2021.


In July 2021, Celsius Land received applications from investors for setting up a new acquisition entity.  A new Unit Trust Deed has now been created and we will soon be sending out application forms to investors who previously registered. This entity will be used for future land acquisitions; with investors deciding on whether they will invest or not, following an Information Memorandum being sent out for the proposed development.


Regarding existing projects, the Local Structure Plan for the Champion Lakes landholding was lodged on 9 September 2021 and is currently being reviewed by the City of Armadale. Comments are expected back from the City in mid-October 2021. Celsius will now start to look at the marketing of this project to commence registrations of interest during the planning phase. Settlement of this acquisition is due in late October 2021.


Kind Regards,

Brenton Downing