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COVID-19 – Australia the lucky Country

Whilst there are many across our great country that are feeling far from lucky right now, I felt it appropriate to share my totally uneducated personal view on why I feel there is more than just a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

A significant benefit to this virus is it has impacted every continent around the world, aside from Antarctica! We are all in this together and this is beneficial because we are all being forced to help one another and are also able to learn from one another. I believe Australia is in the best position to be luckier than most other countries through this pandemic and this is why.

The Northern Hemisphere got it first and whilst instant media has a lot to do with compounding problems around the world, it has given us a chance to see what happens if you wait too long before acting. We have all seen what happened first in China, then Italy, now New York City… if those scenes haven’t made us sit up and take note nothing will. We have closed our borders relatively early and not just from the outside world, but internally too. We are generally all practicing good social distancing and washing our hands more than they have ever been washed before. We have relatively low case numbers and a very high testing regime and we now have a very good understanding of what must happen if someone gets sick, comes into direct contact with someone confirmed with COVID-19 or tests positive themselves. Our frontline health professionals have stepped up to the challenge and have been tirelessly preparing for whatever happens next.

Our governments, in my opinion, have acted decisively both in a health and economic sense. Whether State Labor or Federal Liberal the responses have been terrific.

As a small business Owner the incentives provided will ensure we are not forced to lay off any of our valuable staff and we are well resourced to weather this storm. Sure income has and will continue to be affected, but the idea that if we all take a little bit of the pain, allowing those that need to hibernate, the chance to hibernate, those that need some breathing space, the space required, then we will bounce back. Jobs can be preserved, homes can be preserved and together, we can get the economy cranking again.

In the meantime Celsius is taking its responsibility in managing the difficult times for many of our tenants, landlords, buyers, sellers and staff very seriously. Whilst 70% of our team are set up and working remotely we are ensuring the phone lines are working and answered as usual. We are liaising with a number of tenants who have either lost their jobs or had their hours reduced significantly and we will work together with them and the landlords to create a plan that works for all. The Job Keeper stimulus package announced on the 30th March is going to have a very significant impact on allowing most people to continue to meet their obligations.

Perth’s property market in particular is in a robust position, with low levels of supply, a very low vacancy rate and very affordable prices therefore conditions will bounce back quicker than many other places around Australia and the world. I don’t see this virus slowing our migration rates… if anything more people might look to make the move to our lucky country with fresh air, open spaces, great health and an attractive exchange rate!

When the dust settles and things return to normal, we will be more efficient than we have ever been before, more appreciative of our freedoms, more concerned for our elderly and vulnerable and best of all practicing the best hand / face hygiene ever. At that time we can look back and judge, did the most awesome country on the planet delver once more… the lucky country!

In the meantime if I or any of our team can assist you in any way, please call me on 0411 144 230 anytime.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Positive.

All the very best,