“I couldn’t be more impressed with Celsius Property Group and their brokers Donna-Lee Parkes and Tim Grose. Their professionalism, knowledge of finance and overall helpfulness took a lot of the stress out of obtaining finance for our new home down south.  Donna-Lee worked extremely hard to negotiate with the bank on our behalf and as a result we achieved a great rate. She also took my daily phone calls and questions which proved how above and beyond Celsius Property Group go for their clients.  I simply cannot recommend them enough.

Donna-Lee and Tim – Thank you so much for helping us finance our new home!”

Max Percy (January 2018)

“Donna-lee did a great job in negotiating some better rates with CBA on our mortgages which has really helped.”

James Pollock (November 2017)

“I was pretty green coming into the purchase. It was my first property so there was much nervousness and emotion tied up in my thinking. In particular I was rather terrified of the concept of debt. Richard Pappas turned that all around for me by teaching me the best way to structure debt that works for me and my goals rather than the bank. Blew my mind. I felt he was trustworthy from the beginning and didn’t need to request ridiculous volumes of documents as others had. He was immediately able to show me his product, and the key thing for me is he was teaching not telling.

From there on Donna-Lee Parkes took over the mortgage brokering and I found her to be an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate human being. She went above and beyond, keeping in touch with me well after the initial loan went through to advise on when to fix my interest. Most other brokers would have disappeared off the face of the earth after the loan went through.”

Matt Kleckzowski (February 2017)