May 31, 2021 |

How to maintain your rental property through the year

With winter having fast approached, we thought we would have a look at the best ways to maintain your investment property all year round.

Having to deal with the cold, rainy, windy weather we are beginning to experience now, or the ‘too hot to function’ summer weather we have just experienced, there are a few things we need to consider when maintaining your current investment property to a high standard. These few items will benefit both yourself as the owner, and your tenants in the long term.


To prevent these minor issues becoming a costly exercise, we as your Property Manager can arrange on your behalf the following checks:

  • Painting- this is a good defence against the weather elements, especially sun, rain, and wind. This is best to do in the warmer months as it is easier to apply and gives enough time to dry without being disturbed.
  • Regular air con servicing – ensuring that the air conditioning unit at the property is working is vital, especially before summer hits and the unit will be in high use. Such things as the filters, coils and fins all require to be checked and if neglected, result in a decline in the air conditioning functioning to its best ability.
  • Reticulation – as easy as it can be to forget, it is in the best interest to ensure retic is turned off coming into the winter months to save on both water and money spent on bills.
  • Gutters – it is important to inspect for wear and tear for minor leaks in gutters and arrange for gutter cleaning if required. Gutters will often accumulate a lot of leaves and debris over the warmer months. Whilst not always a major issue in summer, this build-up of debris can become a bigger problem as the weather gets damper. To prevent blocked gutters causing water damage to your investment property, we recommend Investors have their gutters professionally cleaned to ensure rainwater is properly diverted during the wet weather.
  • Roof tiles – it also a good idea to check for loose roof tiles. If these items are not addressed in a timely manner, it can cause mould and damage to ceilings as well as water marks on walls.
  • Swimming pools – we know that properties with swimming pools are attractive in summer months, though not used much in winter. It is a good idea to include pool cleaning into your lease – there is nothing unsightlier than debris and algae build up in a swimming pool, which can be off-putting for prospective tenants. That extra bit of care can save a lot of money and see you making more from rental yields.
  • Hot water system (HWS) – another item to consider looking at is heating systems. The HWS settings may need to be reset to accommodate the colder temperatures. We have noticed that issues with split system aircons arise in winter when tenants use the heat cycle all the time. Servicing the air con right before winter may we wise while at the same time checking the extractor fans to ensure ventilation.
  • Termite Inspection – it is recommended to have a termite inspection at least once a year. If not checked up on, costs can accumulate to thousands of dollars in damage. Termite attacks are very high in Australia and so we like to see it as a ‘health check’ for your home.
  • Smoke alarm & RCD – these items require annual checks to ensure all is working. Although they generally are replaced every 10 or so years, they still can malfunction so annual checks are recommended.


At Celsius, we are committed to looking after your investment to the highest degree and will be happy to follow any given instructions regarding the above. Please contact your Property Manager for assistance in these matters. Thank you!


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