Feb 28, 2020 |

Lucent Claremont – February Update 2020

Good progress is being made on site at Lucent Claremont.

The first floor slab has now been poured and the walls have been erected in the first of the apartments on level 1. The upper deck car park has also been completed and work has commenced forming up the level 2 deck in this section of the building.

On the eastern boundary we have now installed the stormtech cells that will take the stormwater run-off from the building. This stage of the building has been one of the more challenging sections as there are several steps and level changes in the slab at level 1.

Now we are through this section we expect progress on the subsequent levels to move a bit faster as the design is much simpler as we go up the building.

We look forward to updating you next month as the building progresses.

Matt Evans