Feb 11, 2021 | ,

Lucent Claremont – January Update 2021

We are very pleased to announce that Lucent Claremont is now only days away from reaching practical completion.

Since returning from the Christmas break, Jaxon have been working hard to close out the remaining construction items mainly on level five and in the building’s common areas. All services have now been commissioned and the Council has granted an occupancy permit for the building.

Apartments on levels one and two have now been inspected by owners and Jaxon are currently attending to any items picked up in these inspections before settlements commence in the coming weeks. Levels three through to five will be inspected by owners this week with trades to follow through attending to any issues in the next two weeks.

The common areas of the building have now been fully furnished and the cleaners are completing their final clean of the building ahead of handover to the new residents.

The new strata plan has been lodged with Landgate and is in order for dealing and the application for new titles is currently being assessed by Landgate. If all documents are in order, we are expecting new titles to issue this week which will potentially allow settlements to commence next week for those buyers that are ready to settle.

We are very pleased to report that the Lucent Claremont is now completely sold out with last remaining apartment going under contract last week. This is a great achievement by the project team to have the building 100% sold out prior to practical completion. We are also pleased to report that over 90% of the buyers in the building will be owner occupiers which we think is a testament to the quality of the build and design and the prime location of the development.

We look forward to updating you in the coming weeks as practical completion is granted and we begin the settlement process with new buyers. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to call.


Matt Evans