Aug 30, 2019 | ,

Lucent Claremont – Project Update August 2019

We are pleased to report that good progress has been made at Lucent Claremont in August.

The issues we had encountered with Western Power have now been fully resolved and the low voltage line that had encroached onto our property has now been de-energised and removed.

During this process it was also discovered that a redundant High Voltage line some 2.5m below the surface had also encroached onto our site so this also had to be removed.

The discovery of the HV line resulted in a 3 day delay on site as this had to be removed by a specific Western Power team, however we are pleased to report this work is now complete and the piling rig was not forced to demobilise from site.

Piling is now underway along the western boundary of the site and once this is complete the bulk excavation works will commence for the basement.

We have been working closely with Jaxon over the last month to finalise pricing for the upgrade options that will be offered to purchasers at Lucent Claremont.

I am pleased to report this process is now almost complete so we look forward to arranging meetings with purchasers to complete colour and upgrade selections in the second half of September.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to call me directly on (08) 6144 0700 or 0401 009 617.

Matt Evans