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Positive Sentiment Across Perth

Welcome to the first newsletter for 2018. We trust you all had a fabulous festive season. It has been great to hear the significantly more positive sentiment across multiple industries in Perth compared to the past few years. In property we had the busiest festive season in 4 years with sales and settlements occurring right through the festive season and into January.

Celsius Developments is very excited to announce that we secured a new site along Davies Road in Claremont. Located opposite the Claremont swimming pool this site offers excellent views across Lake Claremont as well as the Oval. The location offers superior amenities within 500m of its front door including Claremont Pool, Claremont Golf Course, Claremont Tennis Club, Revos Gym, Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre and of course the multitude of restaurants, bars and shopping synonymous with Claremont. Unlike other projects in the area, our project will consist of just 35 – 40 apartments.

In what we believe to be a market first for Perth, Celsius Developments will be giving early Purchasers the exclusive opportunity to work with award winning, Hillam Architects to customise their apartment to suit their lifestyle and needs. As baby boomers enter their seventies the trend to downsize is gathering momentum. However what they want out of apartment living is not necessarily what the market has been producing. We are very excited to go through this journey alongside Hillam Architects and our Clients to not only create beautiful living spaces but also perhaps new trends in apartment living. Of course such a custom opportunity is only available at this very early stage of design and we encourage anyone that may be interested in finding out more to contact us as soon as possible to have a chance to participate.

2018 is going to be a really great year, although it isn’t going to be all plain sailing. In many markets right now there is fierce competition for properties hitting the market, in other markets, you can still hear crickets. Let’s face it you can’t expect a property market as big and diverse as Perth to one day be down and the next day up across the board. Depending on where you sit either action or patience is required. If you are a Buyer then you might very well need to be taking action as prices are starting to rise. If you are a Seller it might pay to hold off a bit longer, depending on your motivation for selling.

At Celsius we take a long term approach with all our Clients and look forward to working with you to achieve your goals, no matter how long that might take. If you would like to discuss your circumstances and how we see the market impacting you, give me a ring anytime on 0411 144 230.

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