Feb 04, 2016 |

What now?

Now that the festivities and holidays are over – most children are back at school – and Universities are getting ready to start.

We are now back in the throws of work, school, home and sports. There becomes a certain rhythm to our lives.

Reserve Bank left interest rates on hold and many of the banks are offering specials or incentives to lure you in. Some banks are moving rates and others are keen to have you lock in your loans.

If like some you are recovering from the holidays and perhaps an overspend, or you have your eye on that new something (car/furniture etc.) It is just the time to take a look at your numbers and see where you really are –

  • Take a good look at the budget. Can anything be shaved? Or a tidy up?
  • If credit card balances have carried over – perhaps a transfer to a zero interest? Or a consolidation to ensure the interest charges don’t get away from you.
  • A health check on the mortgages? Is your mortgage current? Is this the best setup?
  • A look at overall values/equity – is it time to consider the next investment?
  • Have you done a will? Or are the will’s up to date?

Just a bit of an overview – it doesn’t have to be a marathon – just bringing the finances into focus. What ever you focus on expands.

So if you are looking at the finances and would like a second look – then contact us. We can assist with a health check, consolidations, car purchases or simply a bit of tidy up.

Contact Donna-lee on 0418 903 954 or email: donna-lee@celsiusfinance.com.au