Nov 02, 2021 |

125 Bank Street – October Update 2021

Unfortunately, the wet conditions will not recede, with Perth experiencing the wettest October on record with an unbelievable 14 days of rain for the month. The terrible weather has really impacted the bricklayers’ progress.

Within the limited number of dry days available, the bricklayers have been able to finish off the northern side of the development with villas 8, 6, 4 and 2 completed. They have also commenced on the southern side completing villa 7 and have made reasonable progress of villa 5. The bricklayers’ focus for next month will be to complete villas 5, 3 and 1.

The roof carpenters were scheduled to follow behind the bricklayers commencing the roof framing. However, as we are seeing across the industry right now, the builder is finding it extremely difficult to engage a roof carpenter. The builders did have a roof carpenter engaged; however the roof carpenter cancelled their contract with the builder a day before they were due to commence to take another job on a different development. The builder has spent the last fortnight trying to find another roof carpenter but at this point in time, has not been successful. The shortage of trades and building supplies is currently crippling the industry.

Due to the rain and issues with the roof carpenter, the builder’s program has slipped further, with them now aiming for practical completion towards the end of March.

I look forward to updating you next month, but in the meantime should you have any queries please feel free to contact me on (08) 6144 0700 or 0451 533 440.


Travis McKenzie