Nov 02, 2021 |

Park Terraces – October Update 2021

Unfortunately, due to the inclement weather and shortage of trades, progress was very slow onsite for the month of October. Perth officially recorded the wettest October since record keeping began, with an unbelievable 14 days of rain and several days of extreme wind.

In addition, the builder is continuing to experience issues with retaining the required number of trades people. There is currently a nationwide shortage of trades people (as well as building materials) which is now crippling the building industry and causing widespread delays. This is unlikely to be resolved until the international borders reopen and immigration recommences.

The builder needs to desperately achieve a watertight building so the internal works can progress, however this is not possible until they get the roof on which simply isn’t achievable while it’s raining or there are high winds. To compound the inclement weather issue, there is a shortage of roof carpenters on days where the weather is sunny, with most days only being able to secure one or two carpenters when they really need closer to ten.

Despite these issues the builder was still able to make some progress during the month. The ground floor windows for all terraces were installed and the wet areas were screeded. The first floor’s services continued to be installed, some final sections of brickwork were completed and all the internal timber frame stud walls for terraces 1 to 6 have been prefabricated offsite ready for installation. On the second floor, terraces 1 to 6 have had their main and balcony roofs sheeted, internal metal stud walls erected and party walls floated. The face brick veneer wall for terrace 1 was also completed.

Next month the focus will continue to be completing the roof framing and sheeting so the builder can get the building watertight. The builder will also hopefully finish screeding all of the wet areas for all terraces and potentially commence waterproofing them too.

The builder was not able to commence the concrete floor polishing during October as planned (again due to shortage of trades people) but they are aiming to commence that next month too.

With the time lost this month, the builder is now aiming for a practical completion date of early March. However, based on the current state of progress I personally do not believe they will be able to achieve that date, but hopefully I will be proven wrong. When the builder provides me with an updated practical completion estimate, I will be sure to let our buyers and investors know.

I look forward to hopefully updating you next month with better news, but in the meantime should you have any queries please feel free to contact me on (08) 6144 0700 or 0451 533 440.


Travis McKenzie