Jan 28, 2016 |

Has the ‘Great Australian Dream’ changed in WA?

Author: REIWA President Hayden Groves

The Great Australian Dream is a notion that’s been around for decades and refers to the ideal of home ownership. Think a quarter acre block, white picket fence and kids playing together on the street. 

These days, the dream is starting to look quite different as more and more people swap the backyard for a balcony, choose inner city living over suburban life or enjoy the flexibility that comes with renting.

In Perth, we’re seeing an increasing trend for apartment living with many new developments under construction. Buying an apartment offers many benefits and can be an affordable way to get into the property market for first home owners.

Downsizing into an apartment or multi-dwelling complex is often the trade-off for those wanting to live close to restaurants, entertainment precincts or their workplace. It’s also a more suitable option for the growing number of…

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