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Hot Topics – January 2016

Hot Topics January 2016

Welcome to 2016, a year which I am sure will see many challenges and opportunities.  I hope you had a great, relaxing festive period and are as refreshed, motivated and excited as I am in tackling 2016.IMG_6405 IMG_6410 IMG_6415

For all the doom and gloom out there it is so exciting to be part of the evolution of Perth, something I’m sure we will hear a lot more about over the next 2 to 3 years.  So what does the evolution of Perth actually mean and why is it so important?

First let’s look at the key attributes and drivers that are contributing to the evolution of Perth:

  1. Building on growth from the massive construction phase of the resources boom
  2. Developing for long term substantial increased population growth – Perth at 3,500,000 people!
  3. Substantial investment in large scale infrastructure projects to act as drawcards for residents and tourists alike
  4. Transitioning from a resources economy to a more sustainable service orientated economy

We all hear about the construction phase of the mining boom coming to an end, the substantial state debt accrued and the supposed “trophy” projects being developed but little media coverage is given to the ongoing significant economic contribution the following infrastructure projects will have on our economy.

  1. Perth City Link
  2. Perth Museum
  3. Elizabeth Quay
  4. Perth Stadium
  5. Crown 6 Star Hotel and Entertainment Complex
  6. Perth Children’s Hospital
  7. The Gateway Roads Project
  8. Perth Airport Expansion and Upgrade
  9. Fiona Stanley Hospital
  10. Scarborough Redevelopment under MRA

The list above is certainly extensive but by no means covers all of the exciting infrastructure projects that have either opened in 2015 or are presently under construction and opening between 2016 – 2020.  Not only are the above projects costing billions of dollars to develop, they are also creating thousands of jobs and when complete they will continue to provide significant stimulus to our economy. Elizabeth Quay alone is expected to attract 4,000,000 visitors annually!

What each of the above projects does is make Perth a better city to live, stay or visit.  So that means more people choosing to move to Perth to take advantage of not just our climate and world class beaches, but also our world class facilities including education, health and the ever improving hospitality sector.  But not only will more people choose Perth to live, less people will leave. Additionally more tourists will come and more Perth people will stay and enjoy our city’s attraction.  All of the above stimulates our economy in a sustainable service orientated way.

And if that doesn’t go some way to convincing you that an evolution is under way in Perth, then just chat to our team about our Xmas Party… a walking chocolate tour through the city of Perth that started in Forrest Chase and ended at the Northbridge Brewing Company.  Who would have thought, even 2 years ago, that such a thing would be possible in “Dullsville”

All the very best for 2016

Kind Regards