Aug 31, 2020 | ,

Lucent Claremont – August Update 2020

There is a significant amount of activity on site as the project moves into the finishing trades phase. Externally the feature stone tiles have been laid on the ground floor façade. All balcony balustrades are now installed and the first of the bi-fold screens have been installed on levels 4 and 5 on the oval side apartments. Scaffold has now been dropped on level 5 and all of the windows have been installed to the common passageways that look onto the internal courtyard.

Internally, level 1 and 2 apartments are now at lock-up stage. All timber and tiled flooring has been installed and kitchen and bathroom cabinets are complete including all stone benchtops. The final plumbing fit-off and appliance installation will commence on these levels in the coming weeks. On level 3 kitchen cabinets are now installed and stone is going in this week. All bathrooms are tiled and ceilings are complete including the installation of all lights. Ceiling are also complete on level 4 and kitchen cabinets are due to commence this week. The ceilings are also complete in the common passageways of levels 1 to 3 and they have been framed on level 4. Good progress is also being made on the penthouse level with all walls now being framed. A/C has been installed and the electric pre-lay is also complete on this level. All windows have been installed and the ceiling framing has now commenced.

Both Western Power and Water Corp completed their connections to the site last weekend and Interphone are currently on site completing the fibre pre-lay for the communications network on site. Carbon EMT have begun installation of the building’s power metering system and they will also commence installation of the central hot water plant this month. At this stage we are pleased to report that the building is tracking ahead of schedule and we are pushing to reach practical completion by the start of December. If you have any questions regarding progress, please don’t hesitate to call.

Matt Evans