Jun 03, 2020 | ,

Lucent Claremont – May Update 2020

Despite a wet week with a decent storm, we are still managing to make great progress on site at Lucent Claremont.

The project will be due to top out in June with the first of the structural steel roof beams being installed this week. All of the in situ concrete structure is now complete and work is well underway of the internal fitouts on the lower levels of the building.

Glass windows have now been installed on levels one and two and internal stud walls to level one have been framed and sheeted. Internal walls are also being framed on levels two and three. On level one the ceilings have also been framed and the A/C installation is well progressed with all ductwork and fan coil units now in place.

The plumbing prelay is also now complete on levels one and two. Balcony soffits on levels one and two have also been flushed and painted. Off site the projects cabinetwork is well into construction.

The prototype kitchen was approved during a site visit at the factory in Wangara last month and we are now looking forward to the delivery of the first units on site for installation.

The electrical services of the building are also making good progress with lighting prelays complete from levels one to three.

We look forward to updating you with further progress next month as the building tops out.

Matt Evans