Nov 30, 2020 |

Lucent Claremont – November Update 2020

There is a lot of activity on site as Lucent Claremont enters its final month of construction.

Cabinet works are now largely complete on the first four levels and level five is at 50% completion.

Timber flooring is being laid on level four and all carpet has been laid on the first three levels. All robes have been installed and plumbing and electrical fit-offs are complete up to level four. Final snagging has commenced on levels one and two and levels three and four will follow next week once the painters have completed their touch ups.

Good progress has been made to the common areas with all stone flooring now being installed to the lobby and residents lounge. Cabinetwork has also commenced in the lounge and works have begun on the fireplace installation.

All landscaping is now planted with the exception of the ground floor. This includes the residents’ herb garden on level one. The basement car park has now been cleared and all lines have been marked and numbered.

We are very pleased to report that the first of the sculptural artwork pieces commissioned for the project has now been installed on the oval side of the building. The final smaller piece will be installed at the building entry next week.

Over the coming weeks, the main building systems will be commissioned including the gas hot water system, fire services, bin chutes, mechanical extraction, electrical and access control systems. Once these services are commissioned we will be in a position to apply for an occupancy permit and lodge for new titles.

It is likely the application for titles will now fall into the Christmas period which may delay their ultimate issue but we are still hopeful of completing construction prior to Christmas with titles hopefully following in January.

We will continue to update you on our progress over the coming weeks, but should you have any questions regarding progress, please feel free to call.

Matt Evans