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Park Terraces – December Project Update

Good progress has been made in certain areas of the buildings, however, unfortunately several items which are on the critical path are still experiencing delays with one of those being the roof cover for terraces 7 to 12. The builder is still experiencing issues with not only labour shortages but also now very long lead times on securing materials. The recently introduced government mandate that all construction workers must be double vaccinated has only further exacerbated the labour shortage with several workers either not yet being fully vaccinated and others refusing to get vaccinated.


On a more positive note what has been completed recently include the following:


  • Terraces 1 to 6:  All of the walls and ceilings have been sheeted with plasterboard.  A large portion of this has also been flushed, sanded and the first coat of paint applied. The majority of the bathrooms and ensuites have been fully tiled.  The windows and sliding doors have been installed to all of the first floor. The central courtyard’s party walls and cantilever soffits have been sheeted and painted.  The kitchens for terraces 1 to 5 have been delivered and installation will commence in the coming days.


  • Terraces 7 to 12: Wall sheeting and ceiling framing has commenced to the first floor.  The internal walls have been framed and mechanical services installed to the second floor.  The other services continue to be roughed in for the first and second floor.  Unfortunately due to material supply issues the party walls for the first and second floor have not had their white-set applied yet.  The materials needed have been stuck at the wharf for the last two weeks.  This is just one of the many examples of longer than normal lead times for materials which is contributing to the ongoing delays.


Unfortunately due to the issues I have detailed above the builder believes the program has slipped another two weeks and therefore they are now anticipating practical completion to be late April.  If this eventuates, then titles are likely to issue early to mid June with settlement as soon after that date that your bank can arrange settlement.


I look forward to updating you next month with hopefully better news, but in the meantime should you have any queries please feel free to contact me on 0451 533 440 or (08) 6144 0700.


Travis McKenzie