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Park Terraces – February Project Update

Like every builder in the state right now, BGC is still struggling with labour and material shortages but nevertheless they did manage to achieve a reasonable amount of progress for the month.  They also got very lucky with a crane driver testing positive to Covid but thankfully due to the nature of his role on the site there were no close contacts and therefore no one else was required to quarantine. However, it does highlight the next challenge the builder may face as the COVID cases continue to rise.


Works completed for Terraces 1 to 6 during the month:

  • The polishing of the concrete for terraces 2 to 4 is complete and the floors have now been covered to protect them during the remainder of the build;
  • The cabinetry has been installed into the kitchens, bathrooms, ensuites and laundries for terraces 2 to 5 with their stone benchtops being installed next week;
  • Installation of the downlights and the track lighting over kitchen island benches has commenced;
  • Fitting off of the power points has commenced;
  • All bathrooms and ensuites are fully tiled;
  • Painting of the external walls and soffits continues;
  • Painting of internal walls continues; and
  • The top level of the scaffold will be dropped this week.


Works completed for Terraces 7 to 12 during the month:

  • Sheeting of the roof has commenced;
  • Internal framing and hanging of plasterboard continues;
  • Multi-finish has now been applied to all of the party walls;
  • Balconies and wet areas have all been screeded;
  • Waterproofing of bathrooms and ensuites has commenced and tiling has also commenced;
  • Mechanical installation remains ongoing.
  • All other service pre-lays are nearly complete.


Common areas:

  • Waterproofing of the podium level has commenced.


Due to the current issues relating to COVID cases rising in Western Australia and the labour and material shortages, it is near impossible to predict exactly when the builder will achieve practical completion.  Nevertheless, the builder is still informing us that their anticipated practical completion date is late April.  However, based on our assessment of how much work is still to be completed, it is the opinion of our architect and ourselves that late May is probably a more realistic date.  If our estimate is correct, titles are likely to issue early to mid July with settlement to occur as soon as your bank can arrange after that date.  We really hope that the builder’s estimated practical completion date is correct, but we wanted to highlight to all buyers our reservations regarding their estimate so you can best plan for the coming months.


Just to reinforce that the issues we are experiencing with this project are the same issues that are being felt all over Perth and Australia. Here is a link to an article in the West Australian late last year which succinctly summaries what builders are currently facing.  Despite the article being written in September 2021, the issues that were being felt then are just as profound now, if not more so: https://thewest.com.au/lifestyle/new-homes/practise-patience-amidst-unavoidable-delays-c-3863993


I look forward to updating you next month with hopefully better news, but in the meantime should you have any queries please feel free to contact me on 0451 533 440 or (08) 6144 0700.


Travis McKenzie