In 2009 we became Celsius Property Group – a move to bring our property, developments and finance companies under the one roof to provide end-to-end services in property.

It all started in the year 2000, when Richard Pappas and Timothy Grose established a specialist mortgage broking firm known as Focused Finance. This was followed by the purchase of City-Life in 2004 by Richard and wife Roxanne.

City-Life Residential grew quickly and with the Western Australian real estate boom in full effect, a significant shortage of quality residential developments in prime growth regions was identified.

This was the impetus behind the launch of City-Life Developments in 2005, which was focused on creating investment and lifestyle opportunities for our clients.

These three successful property focused companies, City-Life Residential, Focused Finance and City-Life Developments, now come together under our single brand name ‘Celsius Property Group’.

Our growth and success can be attributed in part to our start in finance. This allowed us to build capability in sound financial practices, strengthening the advice we provide clients in property and helping them to build a prosperous financial future.

It’s a story we aim to build upon for many years to come.