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Park Terraces – April Project Update

Unfortunately, the COVID related issues continue on site with the builder still struggling with labour and material shortages.  All of the trades are experiencing some level of labour shortages with some experiencing critical shortages which is having a dramatic knock-on effect to the construction program.

For example, the flashings for the roof above Terraces 7 to 12 need to be completed, but the builder is unable to get the roofing contractor back to complete this due to their labour shortages.  The scaffold on that side of the building cannot be dropped until these works are completed.  Whilst the scaffold is still in place that prevents other critical items on the construction program from being undertaken.

The cabinet makers are also experiencing critical labour shortages, which has meant that there is only one cabinet installer onsite.  As you will see in the photos, all of the remaining kitchens and other cabinets have been delivered to site and have been sitting there for several weeks.  This creates issues in itself as works have to be completed around the uninstalled cabinets and also prevents the plumber and electricians from doing their fit-off work. No matter how hard the cabinet maker has tried they simply cannot find more cabinet makers to employ.  This labour shortage is a common story we are hearing across all industries within Western Australia, not just the building industry.

Nevertheless, the builder has done what they can to keep construction progressing onsite with Terraces 1 to 6 getting very close to completion.  During the month the follow works occurred on Terraces 1 to 6:

  • Final coat of paint being applied;
  • Gas meters installed;
  • Balconies waterproofed and tiling ongoing;
  • All carpet and timber flooring has been laid; and
  • The builder has started their final clean.

Works completed for Terraces 7 to 12 during the month:

  • Kitchen and other cabinets installed in Terrace 9 and commenced in Terrace 10;
  • Polished concrete grinding to ground to 1st floor stairs in Terraces 8 and 9;
  • Vanities installed into Terraces 8 and 9;
  • Internal stud walls have been sanded in Terraces 7 to 10 and painting has commenced; and
  • Tiling of bathrooms and ensuites completed.

Common areas:

  • The podium level brickwork for the courtyard walls and common garden has been completed;

Unfortunately, as highlighted in last month’s update, due to the issues the builder is currently facing with labour and material shortages along with COVID infections, no completion date can be given with any real certainty and consequently the builder has again pushed out their anticipated practical completion date to the end of June.  If the builder’s current estimate is correct, then titles are likely to issue early to mid-August with settlement to occur as soon as your bank can arrange after that date.

I look forward to updating you next month, but in the meantime should you have any queries please feel free to contact me on 0451 533 440 or (08) 6144 0700.


Travis McKenzie