Aug 31, 2021 | ,

Park Terraces – August Update 2021

Thankfully the weather improved considerably during the month of August which has allowed the builder to make reasonable progress over the month.

On the ground floor, the builder was able to install all the timber stud walls, which then allowed them to install all the metal door frames. The service trades are now moving through the floor installing their services, this includes mechanical, plumbing, and electrical.

On the first floor, the timber stud walls have commenced, float was applied to most of the party walls and the service trades have commenced.

On the second floor, the bricklayer was able to complete all the party walls and lots 1 and 7 had some timber stud walls erected. Scaffold is also being erected in preparation for the roof construction. Since the completion of the party walls, the roof was able to commence construction on August 30th. The roof erection is on the critical path so its vitally important that the weather stays clear enough for this to be completed in a timely manner.

Next month, on the ground floor the builder is aiming to commence hanging the plasterboard to the timber studs, hanging the ceiling frame, installing the windows, and continuing with the services. On the first floor they are aiming to complete floating the party walls, installing the timber stud walls, and continuing with the services. The focus on the second floor is the roof construction.

The builder is still aiming for a practical completion date of late February/early March 2022.

I look forward to updating you next month, but in the meantime should you have any queries please feel free to contact me on (08) 6144 0700 or 0451 533 440.


Travis McKenzie