Jessica recently started her role as an Assistant Property Manager at Celsius after completing her Bachelor’s in Business Law and International Relations.

Prior to joining Celsius, Jessica worked for retail giants, and has always been focused on delivering a high-level of customer service and respect to everything she does.

After working extensively in the retail industry, I found that I truly enjoyed communicating with clients and customers.

As a tenant herself, Jessica understands that looking for a rental property can often be a stressful task. Along with this understanding, Jessica brings a level of calmness that makes her clients feel at ease, valued and comfortable enough to ask her any questions, building a long-lasting rapport with them.

Her favourite aspect of working in this fast-paced, dynamic role as an Assistant Property Manager is the joy of giving her clients the good news and helping them get into their homes.

So far, she is loving the change of industry and is looking forward to progressing in her new career with Celsius.