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Rental Prices continue to rise as stock dries up – can you help!

With a vacancy rate still stubbornly stuck around 1% and the borders now open we are seeing rental prices rise strongly. The real issue is we do not have enough rental properties in the market and imminent supply simply isn’t on the way. As reported over recent months the rental market has suffered from a lack of Investor activity over the medium term with almost all new properties being sold to Owner Occupiers. Additionally, many long term Investors are either moving back into their rental property as they return to Perth or are using the improved market conditions to sell, almost always to another Owner Occupier. There is no quick fix to this problem which we believe will get worse before it gets better. There certainly is an opportunity for Landlords to review their current rental properties to ensure they are achieving fair market rent whilst looking after good quality tenants.

At Celsius we take care of over 400 individual rental properties on behalf of our trusted Owners, and we treat their management as if it were our own. We have always practiced what we preach at Celsius and personally own investment properties managed by our team. This allows us to see first-hand what is happening in the market from an Owner perspective and not just as the Manager and we hope this assists our team to provide the best service possible.

With that in mind I would like to introduce you to Helen Haley who looks after New Business at Celsius.

Helen has a wealth of experience in client-focused roles across many industries including real estate, retail, Government, legal and not-for-profit. This variety of experiences gives Helen the edge when it comes to seeing things from different perspectives and has shaped her into an efficient and empathetic problem-solver.

Combining her experience with her reliable and proactive nature, Helen is ideally suited to undertake the all-important role of onboarding new Property Clients at Celsius whilst also overseeing a small portfolio of residential rental properties across Perth.

Helen is passionate about fostering open communication between Owners and Tenants, approaches everything with integrity, and executes with a high level of attention to detail to be at the forefront of all matters – creating a pleasant and stress-free experience for our Clients.

“I wish our clients could see what I see from within our office. Everyone here at Celsius is super energetic and super involved to ensure all properties are managed to the highest standards.”  Helen

If you have an investment property and would like to discuss how the Celsius team can assist your needs, please contact Helen on 0452 593 440 or (08) 6144 0700 to arrange a time to catch up for a coffee.

Right now, we are offering a $250 fuel card for all successful property management referrals and a $250 fuel card to the new Landlord. If you have your own property to bring to us, we will make it $500 just for you!

Stay safe on the rollercoaster ride that is 2022.

All the very best