Mar 30, 2022 |

Tenant Assisted Inspections

With the increasing COVID-19 numbers climbing in our community, Celsius has undertaken various measures to keep our tenants and team members safe, whilst still delivering high standards of service. One of these important measures is Tenant Assisted Inspections (TAI). As we know, many of us have already experienced the disruption of isolating due to contracting COVID-19 or being a close contact. This can push back inspection schedules, prevent us from giving important updates to our owners or attending to maintenance for our tenants. TAI’s are helping us deliver great service to our owners and tenants, whilst also being a COVID safe option by limiting contact.

TAI’s give our tenants the opportunity to complete inspections themselves via a phone app that PropertyMe has specifically designed for tenants. They are able to inspect their own properties through the InspectMe App, which is then linked to PropertyMe for the property manager to review. As many of you would know, we launched our online portal for PropertyMe late last year. This portal gives owners and tenants a more interactive experience with their rental property and has been a great new addition for Celsius, particularly in relation to our TAI’s.

Since beginning our tenant assisted inspections this month, we have had great results. Our tenants have been so helpful, submitting their reports on time and keeping us updated with their progress. The team is dedicated to ensuring our owners receive detailed and accurate reports. We are busy reviewing these reports, adding the comments, seeking further photos from tenants if required, or attending in person if the report is not detailed enough. Whilst this can sometimes take more time than a typical routine inspection would have taken, it is important we are being COVID safe whilst also properly assessing the properties we manage.

We understand that while TAI’s are helpful, they are not for everyone. Our property management team is committed to understanding the individual needs of our tenants. Some may not be able to complete the inspection due to technical issues, or they may prefer us to attend in person. Our team is flexible and is more than happy to attend inspections in person. This can be safely done with the use of masks and hand sanitiser from our team, whilst ensuring tenants are not isolating or sick.

We appreciate our tenant’s assistance in these challenging times. To show our gratitude and provide an added incentive, Celsius has offered a special prize draw to our tenants, to be drawn April 29th. The lucky winner will receive a $200 Crown Perth voucher!

Celsius is always looking for new ways to better operate through these challenging times. We are committed to limiting the spread of COVID and using TAI’s to protect our team and tenants. The past few years of this pandemic have been tough on us all, and we have had a lucky run in Western Australia. We are looking forward to riding this wave and returning to normal operations in the future – until then we say a big thank you to our wonderful tenants!

Warm Regards,

Jessica Dunbar